The Beggar’s Miracle — Joy Ross Davis, Author

Joy Ross Davis writes inspirational, angelic stories that often take us to Ireland and historical times. But her history has been more focused on modern issues for the country that is a favorite place for her.  In this volume of Bitty Brown, we visit an intriguing time in Ireland and find some familiar characters from… Continue reading The Beggar’s Miracle — Joy Ross Davis, Author

Teardrop Sanctuary – Sisters Divided

All through this series, we’ve been wondering if Maeve would ‘straighten-up and fly right’.  Three supportive characters, sister Keeva and support team of Lillian and Martha are all out on special assignment while Colin spends some quality time with Maeve to show her the good stuff she is made of.  I won’t write a ‘spoiler’… Continue reading Teardrop Sanctuary – Sisters Divided

Brokenhearted Angels — Sisters Divided, Volume 7

Up until now, the angels have been kept busy with their goal. Maeve’s self-centered mischief has emphasized her rebelliousness and insincerity. Volume 7 brings out vulnerabilities in all four and extreme risk to two! Keeva experiences a new ‘gift’ of discernment which works to rescue and victory.