Reluctant Rebel — Parris Afton Bonds

The eyes may be said to be the scouts of the heart, but these two rebellious hearts might as well be blind.

In 1917, the El Paso/Juarez area was a surprise powder keg. Germany sought the Central America connection as a conduit to conquer the United States. The US sought to catch the local spy ring and stop the action. Walter Stevenson, agent was deep in this intrigue.

There was no intrigue with Piedad Arellano who worked as a maid for a wealthy El Paso socialite. Workers going from Juarez to El Paso and back were not respected. A way to abuse them came with suspicion of vermin and accompanying disease. The coarse and uncaring intent was to treat the workers in an insulting fashion. It wasn’t accepted peacefully.

Intrigue and Attraction — January 1917

In January of 1917, young Piedad Arellano is riding the streetcar across the Santa Fe Bridge that connects Juarez, Mexico to El Paso where she works as a housemaid. When she learns El Paso is using kerosene and toxic chemicals to “treat” workers for suspected lice, she takes a stand and says, No! Thousands join her in the protest, shutting down bridge traffic and making international news.

Walter Stevenson, agent with the newly formed Bureau of Investigation, is on a mission to identify the “master spy” being handled by the precursor of the Nazi party there in El Paso. He may be surprised at the culprit. Or culprits! Follow the money! And the Grand Society Ladies!

Their two worlds collide when Piedad is arrested for inciting the Bath Riots and Walt reluctantly comes to her aid. No two lovers were ever more mismatched.

Spies are pursued, dark family secrets are revealed, and romance may be possible in Reluctant Rebel historical novel based on the true events of the Bath Riots.

Historical Moments Often Missed

How often have you heard of this political situation? World War I on Texas’ back doorstep? Parris Afton Bonds searches out obscure but influential times in history. She spins the tale colorfully with thrills and romance, basing the story on real events. Her books, including the Novella, At First Sight, are on the steamy side and quite popular.

You can learn more Parris about her website, . A founding member of Southwest Writers, Parris sponsored the Parris Award in 1987. The Parris Award is presented annually to honor a published writer who has given outstandingly of time and talent to other writers.

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