Paranormal Romance – The Witch of Blacklion – Joy Ross Davis, Author

graphic featuring The Witch of Blacklion, Paranormal romance novel. Joy Ross Davis, author.

” The Witch of Blacklion – Readers follow the lives of two couples in a small Irish community beginning in 1915. Order your copy of The Witch of Blacklion

Rory and Mazey have a happy life raising their five-year-old son and sharing the bounty of their garden with the townsfolk.  Suddenly, a trauma causes Mazey to pull away from Rory and find solace in her painting. She has amazing talent and her work becomes popular.

Richard is the new doctor in town who is immediately mesmerized by a reporter named Laura. Their happiness is short lived when Laura and her mother survive a potential tragedy. They are journeying across the ocean when their ship sinks. 

Mordecai is the rescuer — keeping the paranormal romance alive.

Laura claims an angel, Mordecai, saved her life, which is true.  Many doubt her story, but are glad for the survival. She becomes obsessed with proving his existence, yet becomes obcessed with digging for proof that local healer Old Shelley is a witch.   The lives of these two main couples,  Rory and Mazey plus Richard and Laura, should be perfect!  That smooth perfection is disrupted by a series of tragic events beyond their control.

Trauma and trouble follow Laura and Mazey

Laura and Mazey each suffer through a trauma that changes their lives and sends them both on obsessive missions. Their suffering extends to their families and the stability of their marriages.  Love and romance blossom, however, and touch the lives of Old Shelley the shape shifter and Mordecai, the guardian angel.”

Popular paranormal romance author writes beautiful fiction

Joy Ross Davis, author, brings out the colorful qualities of each character, giving readers an attachment and part in the story. Davis writes full time in Alabama, enjoying her Victorian family home with her dogs. She has been writing since childhood, with an expanding collection of positive paranormal romance novels. Each story often is set in an unusual time in history. A time that wouldn’t commonly attract authors, but which was populated with people whose lives make good stories. Several of her books were acknowledged with awards from Chanticleer Reviews in 2019.

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