Joy Ross Davis Brings New COUNTENANCE

COUNTENANCE — Better than ever!

How exciting to see COUNTENANCE available!  Joy Ross Davis has worked with a new publisher, bringing this terrific story come back to readers.

Joy tells about the republishing experience at her website in a recent post.  Countenance is Available. The new and improved COUNTENANCE  is welcomed. Former readers will want to give the story another look because of elements that have been added. New readers will enjoy the paranormal battle over evil with romance and thrills. All will be looking for promised sequel stories carrying the saga of the Wolcott family.

Beautiful Tennessee Scenery in COUNTENANCE

The story still takes place at the beautiful Playhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast in the mountain country of Tennessee. 

The characters act out their parts with greater color and drama.  There are not new characters, but more action from the solid group who work out the story.

Inspired Story Well Received by Reviewers

This special story contains heart connections to Joy’s non-fiction book, “Mother, Can You Hear Me.”  The inspiration for the story came to the author during a quiet moment. She had been caregiver for her mother during a battle with Alzheimer’s.  The story inspiration came in full in just a few weeks after the first gift of the title COUNTENANCE.

Chanticleer Book Reviews gave the book a lovely review before the October release date.  I agree with the reviewer’s opinion and perception of the story.  Chanticleer Review

Sylvie Wolcott is cooking up a gourmet storm while the storms of life swirl around her niece, Nealey.  Benton, Lulu and other valued characters help with the kitchen and the dramatic battle against evil.

I encourage you to get your copy today!  I’ve gotten mine on the Kindle, handy for re-reading many times!  And give the author reviews at your favorite spots online, in print or conversation!   Amazon Review

Congratulations, Joy Ross Davis, on your patience, bravery and determination to keep this special story available for readers.  Keep writing more for us!