Southern Gentleman, Yvonne Lehman, author

  Yvonne Lehman has written a predictable pleasure read that won’t do readers a lot of damage.  With a casual Christian foundation, this easy-to-read romance includes some interesting descriptions of architecture and geographical situations. The angst is gentle and the drama low-key. Major characters are already dead when the story begins, reducing the dialog. Because of… Continue reading Southern Gentleman, Yvonne Lehman, author

Teardrop Sanctuary – Sisters Divided

All through this series, we’ve been wondering if Maeve would ‘straighten-up and fly right’.  Three supportive characters, sister Keeva and support team of Lillian and Martha are all out on special assignment while Colin spends some quality time with Maeve to show her the good stuff she is made of.  I won’t write a ‘spoiler’… Continue reading Teardrop Sanctuary – Sisters Divided

Let It Snow — A Speedy Love Story — B J Robinson, author.

A sweet love story — two nice faith-filled people have known one another professionally, but not moved into a relationship.  When circumstances take leadership to get them together with dignity, love flames up pretty quickly. A pleasant read for a quiet afternoon (maybe while the guys are out hunting or watching football)! Romantic, but delightfully… Continue reading Let It Snow — A Speedy Love Story — B J Robinson, author.

Brokenhearted Angels — Sisters Divided, Volume 7

Up until now, the angels have been kept busy with their goal. Maeve’s self-centered mischief has emphasized her rebelliousness and insincerity. Volume 7 brings out vulnerabilities in all four and extreme risk to two! Keeva experiences a new ‘gift’ of discernment which works to rescue and victory.