Teardrop Sanctuary – Sisters Divided


All through this series, we’ve been wondering if Maeve would ‘straighten-up and fly right’.  Three supportive characters, sister Keeva and support team of Lillian and Martha are all out on special assignment while Colin spends some quality time with Maeve to show her the good stuff she is made of.  I won’t write a ‘spoiler’ more than that, but let you find out the full story for yourself.
As we wait for the rest of this installment, we’ve got to dry a little tear — this story was well named Teardrop Sanctuary.  I encourage you to read this well-written moving episode in a good series.  If you’ve not been reading them, go back and give yourself a real reading treat. Joy Ross Davis writes a story that doesn’t ‘talk down to readers’ or use shock and awe to keep their attention.   Flinch free, wholesome, well put together reading that you can be proud to have on your Kindle!