Emalyn’s Treasure, Joy Ross Davis, author

Joy Ross Davis brings more angelic storytelling to her readers and the Angel Pack! Set in Ireland, 1938, Emalyn’s Treasure tells us of a young woman with a heightened spiritual experience which contributes to the ‘treasure’ that she has kept close by, yet hidden from all, since she was a 6 year old child. Her encounter with lightning and a protective angel lies at the foundation for the treasure story.

Emalyn has led a privileged life during a tumultuous period in Irish history that we seldom hear about. Civic improvements for water and electricity were becoming accepted and expected, although resisted by some people. Assessment costs and resistance to change sparked civil disorder. I especially enjoy a story where I can learn — a factoid here; a skill there! Our Author’s research is extremely active for this book; the descriptions of politics, available appliances, clothing, decor, architecture, and hospitably take you right into 1938!

Our Emalyn is still a young spirit, becoming more mature and generous by the day. How blessed the man and woman who find their matching ‘swan’ to become a life’s companion as Emalyn and husband Owen have done. Joy Ross Davis brings her gentle story-telling to Emalyn’s Treasure as we would expect, with some twists and turns that keep it from being at all saccharin sweet! Indeed, tragedy marks high points in the story and leads to the finale.

Emalyn’s Treasure has no ghosts. Angels are present to take on earthly appearances, protecting and guiding the characters through their activities. Lives are transformed subtly. Supportive characters Fiona and Percy become more mature. I perceive the potential for follow-up stories, but as a skilled author, Joy Ross Davis brings this story to a sensible end without a cliff hanger ending that seems to just drop off that cliff.

Trust me — Emalyn’s Treasure is going to be a favorite. I recommend the book for a book club discussion because of the socio-political topic potential.  Emalyn’s Treasure is a pre-cursor to the story in The Beggar’s Miracle.


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