The Beggar’s Miracle — Joy Ross Davis, Author

Cardinal Bluff...Inspirational ReadingJoy Ross Davis writes inspirational, angelic stories that often take us to Ireland and historical times. But her history has been more focused on modern issues for the country that is a favorite place for her.  In this volume of Bitty Brown, we visit an intriguing time in Ireland and find some familiar characters from an earlier story in this Blue Heaven series.

Inspired by scripture and classic poetry — Psalms and Emily Dickinson, author Joy Ross Davis has visited a time in modern Irish history regarding the Magdalene Laundries personal but not sensational manner because Bitty Brown’s story is a special and separate spiritual experience. A sad time and well done away with, but there is more to the people who suffered.  Bitty speaks to and for those individuals.

 The rescuing appearance of the Beggar Jude and the old dog, Mr. Jones as well as other prominent characters especially Percy, who becomes Bitty’s benefactor and falls in love with her, but whom we first met in Emalyn’s Treasure.
Like Emalyn, Bitty has a special bit of angelic evidence to cling to as she wends her way through the cold. Her silence makes her unappealing for the ‘attentions’ of the orphanage connected to the Magalene Laundry that arranged for her mother to be lost to Bitty for so many years. Yet without compassionate help from people who are miraculously placed in her path, the escape would not have been possible.
Joy Ross Davis writes in an elegant, memorable style that is a pleasure to read. The inspiring story gives readers an uplift to their day and I highly recommend.  I can recommend all of her books for these reasons; it is just nice when we can  trust the authors to take us to the good place. Enjoy your copy of The Beggar’s Miracle!