Turnin’ Pages — Cardinal Bluff — June, 2022

Cardinal at Cardinal Bluff

June 14, 2022

Oops! Where has June gone? Well, the family has planted a garden. Other family has come from another state to visit. Still other family has some exciting job changes coming on. DH had his 81st birthday! In a year that has been a time of recalibration. We’re just all grateful for EVERYTHING! And, as I work on other websites, and learn about building new things, the blogging happens in my head!

A new author is showing up. E. G. Stanhope’s first book is in production. A non-fiction memoir that will speak to readers’ hearts. I’m thrilled to be working with her on website design and management. She’s going to be an enthusiastic blogger about varied subjects.

The younger people in the family are working on a garden! We’re seeing the new little plants coming up.

A beautiful pink rose is blooming beside this vintage home. I am SURE it is a Dorothy Perkins rose. I had one from a neighbor’s yard in Missouri. These roses are so similar and familiar to me!

I think we have a few weeks’ growing time for SUMMER gardens. Then, I hope we can get a few things out for a fall garden at the last of July. Frequently the nights begin to cool off in later August. Some veggies thrive on cooler nights and potential autumn rains.

When I Like an Series

I just published the general review of a series I BINGE-READ! Adam Lapid Mysteries — Jonathan Dunsky, author is high on my list of favorites this season. This NINE book series about a private investigator in post-World War II Tel Aviv is pretty plain-spoken. But, Adam is a good character. I’ve had to take a break from one of my favorite genres for the past few weeks. I read many Holocaust memoirs and some excellent World War II fiction, including Where Treasure Hides by Johnnie Alexander. Janice Dick has a wonderful series about persecuted Mennonite people in the World War I era; Calm Before the Storm. But, reading about the pain of all the suffering people was beginning to be a heavy weight. Nothing like their pain and misery. For it to depress me seems disrespectful. I’m probably just tired. So, I’m letting the genre rest for a while.

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