Brokenhearted Angels — Sisters Divided, Volume 7

cloud_bookshelf_200_wht_9208Joy Ross Davis takes readers into a different level in this seventh volume of her series, Sisters Divided.  Maeve and Keeva are approaching the completion of their goal — to earn their wings.  Their mentors and ‘watch keepers’, Lillian and Mildred are still traveling with them through scenic country — This time in Narragansett.

I like this author for many reasons, the foremost being a really good read — Using a foundation of her perception of angels, she writes a ‘flinch free’ pleasure tale that is superbly edited and elegantly spun.  You can barely recognize ‘formula’ plots — she doesn’t browbeat the reader with the intent of the story as some authors do in nearly every 100 words!  There is great description of scene, food, clothes — no mystery there.  The historic spots that are visited are described gently, but well.
Joy Ross Davis writes for her readers and enjoyed engaging you. She is available to speaking engagements or book signings or as a guest at your reading club. If your reading club is at an extreme distance from her Alabama headquarters, she will be happy to work with you using Skype or speaker phones.  You should check out the Angel Pack, a Joy-specific fan club.  New members immediately receive a personal note from Joy with a collectible autograph signature.  Her books are available at Amazon or at Helping Hands Press, publisher.
Back to the something different.  Up until now, the angels have been kept busy with their goal. Maeve’s self-centered mischief has emphasized her rebelliousness and insincerity.  Volume 7 brings out vulnerabilities in all four and extreme risk to two! Keeva experiences a new ‘gift’ of discernment which works to rescue and victory.
There is a lot of action and story packed into a few pages.  Each of the volumes in this series is building toward a finale!  For 99 cents your pleasure reading won’t go wrong.  The volumes do not have to be read in order.  If you have missed some, the story will still make sense.  Although, if you’ve missed some of the seven, I recommend you treat yourself to them asap!