Heart and Home Restoration — Regina Rudd Merrick New Release

Heart Restoration - faith based novel author Regina Rudd Merrick

Heart Restoration is not the intention as Lisa Reno, interior designer takes on an old house project.  Rather, she’s concentrating on planning a HOME restoration.  All business, no romance.

Things begin to go awry quickly. Her brother, the contractor, falls from a ladder, breaking his leg.  A corpse turns up in the creepy cellar or the old house as secrets from her past come out to haunt her and her best friend diligently tries to fix Lisa up with any man standing!

Nick Woodard is drafted to do a favor for his old college roommate. And, what do you think — the renovation project of the favor is his own inheritance.  Stalked by the tragic sudden loss of his wife and unborn child, Nick has decided to keep God and everyone else at arm’s length. All business, no romance.

faith based romance book, author Regina Rudd Merrick

Home Restoration Is The New Innovation

Fondness for our history and past draws us to maintain and restore many things. Old houses, furniture, cars, tractors and toys to name a few popular vintage projects.  Many times the old is of better quality of the new. That aspect is important when viewing old houses. An old house has a character gleaned from resident lives. Gurgling laughs and gushing tears all leave something in a house forever.  Reclaiming a solid old house, renovating it to work with our modern society and finally KEEPING a piece of the past is quite fulfilling. And for a solid house, a wise investment.

Five Star Author

Heart Restoration begins a series that Regina Rudd Merrick is writing with the Mosaic Collection.  The Heart Restoration links are for ‘pre-release orders’ today, but will work to purchase after the book is released on August 5, 2020.  This five-star author has published another series and collaborated on other books. You can learn more at her Amazon page

Other Mosaic authors reviewed include Janice L. Dick and Johnnie Alexander.

I’m recommending Heart Restoration before I’ve read the book because of the exchanges I’ve had with author Regina Rudd Merrick in launch groups for Mosaic Collection authors. Faith basked, wholesome reading with an appealing Christian base that is a pleasure to have on the Kindle shelf!

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