A Lost Clause — Mysterious, But Watson Knows! K.D. McCrite, author

A Lost Clause - K.D. McCrite, author

With a cat named Watson, librarians and a beautiful mansion, no one wants to lose anything! 

But, some things seem to get getting away.  And some people seem to be ‘getting away with murder!’

Beginning with the librarians, Faith has a dream job at the library for Castleton Manor in the small town of Lighthouse Bay, Massachusetts.  Faith lives in the old gardener’s cottage at the Manor which makes her commute to work a nice walk across the lawns.  The manor is pet friendly and Watson goes to the library with her every day.  He is inclined to wander around the Manor, turning up with some people who do not particularly care for animals despite the pet friendly policy. 

Faith’s Aunt Eileen is head librarian at the Candle House Library, in historic downtown Lighthouse Bay. She is the active leader and co-founder of Books as Friends.  This book group has a mission to draw readers into books and away from video games or social media. 

Marlene Russell is a stressed, micro-managing assistant to Wolfe Jaxon, manager and co-owner of the Manor. Her style can be ‘prickly’ to put it lightly. She is extra stressed because Jaxon is away at the time adding to her responsibilities.

Please tell me a story

Our story pivots on the first annual conference of Books as Friends, being hosted at Castleton Manor.  Librarians and authors are at the conference, sharing experiences on how to understand and attract children as readers. 

A Lost Clause -- K.D. McCrite author, murder and romance in old mansion library

QUOTE: I liked the way each guest’s favorite book from childhood was displayed in the Library and to find that Heidi was favorite of more than one person.

Roslyn Etheridge, children’s author is a speaker at the conference. Her children’s books hold special attraction to little readers.  Perhaps that is because she writes to sooth her sad childhood where books and stories were her rescue.  Mitchell Barnes, Roslyn’s fiancé, is a popular author, highly respected in literary circles, but reclusive.  Roslyn’s personality is bubbly and eager, while Mitchell can only be described as strange, cold and perhaps suspect.

Roslyn has interests in Lighthouse Bay besides the conference.  She believes she has a long-lost relative in residence and wants to learn more.

Most mysterious

In the midst, we have THE MURDER!  A friend of Eileen’s and new business owner in Lighthouse Bay, Louise Stitt dies from complication of an allergy. And allergic episode that is declared no accident. No one even knew she had allergies, making her friends suspicious about the cause.

All the while that Faith, Eileen and Watson are keeping the conference on schedule, with presentations and breakout sessions,  keeping Marlene at peace, with little help from Watson,  and trying to help Roslyn.  On the side, they are wondering if Roslyn is a fraud because Mitchell is not friendly at all.

That mysterious cat AGAIN

The suspects begin to pile up in A Lost Clause!  Dear reader, you are in for a big surprise because K.D. makes it a REAL mystery and blindside!

K.D. McCrite author of A Lost Clause, mystery from Annie's Myateries

BTW, all is not murder, fraud or mysterious missing purses and library books.  The long lost relative is found, unfriendly has an explanation and ROMANCE is not a flickering flame, but a warm blaze!

Quality authors and Quality books — not mysterious!

K.D. McCrite is a cut above as an author. She writes page turners without stooping to ‘annoying page fillers’, making her work a perpetual candidate for reviews at Cardinal Bluff.  As a former neighbor and acquaintance, I have enjoyed several books K.D. has released. She has another series for young adults that addresses their concerns in an intelligent, compassionate, and respectful voice. That voice makes each book a treasure to readers.

Sweet Sabotage, part of the Chocolate Shoppe Mysteries from Annie’s Mysteries comes from K.D. McCrite’s talented pen.

A Lost Clause is one story in the series Secrets of the Castleton Manor Library published by Annie’s Mysteries, a subscription opportunity.  Annie’s Mysteries books are published in good old-fashioned hardback format with quality covers, book jackets and paper.  I love the stitched bindings and the precious strand of ribbon that can be a protective bookmark.

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