Return to Edisto – April Book Release

Return to Edisto - Lin Stepp, Author. April release of book two in Edisto Trilogy

April book release from Lin Stepp, author, Return to Edisto, takes readers back to a welcoming, historic island off the coast of South Carolina. The sweet community at Edisto has inspired a trilogy from Ms. Stepp. Return to Edisto is the second book following Claire at Edisto, published in 2019

Belonging in Edisto

Mary Helen Avery spent her early life in a quaint beach house on Edisto Island South Carolina.

Away from Edisto, a wonderful career opened before her…until the difficult situation she now faced as anger and hurt flashed over her. Was leaving the right thing? Maybe one should stand and fight!

She anticipated answers to be found and a stop to her turmoil at the quiet, beloved island where she felt at home.

New Jersey plates on the car parked at the Avery’s beach house made J.T.’s heart lurch at memories.  Even 10 years couldn’t still memory and torment of his relationship with Mary Helen Avery! Old fires he thought long dead were stirred as he found her weeping of the porch. Foolish to hope for something more between them after past problems?  Probably. Still, if she stayed long enough, he would be able to find one more chance to try.

Return to Edisto - Lin Stepp, author. April release of Book Two in Edisto Trilogy

Lin Stepp and Edisto — A Good Team

Return to Edisto, the sequel to Claire at Edisto and second novel in a planned trilogy from Lin Stepp will be released in April,2020.

Lin Stepp writes a solid story every time she tries!  Stories filled with faith, common sense and a dash of mystery or drama are popular with both women and men!  Descriptions of geography, careers and lifestyle make her novels rich in reading possibilities! 

Claire at Edisto was one of my favorites (although I have said that about every one of her books I read).  The Island of Edisto seems so intriguing to a landlocked reader!  An April book release has worked well for Lin Stepp before and will do it again this time!

You can follow the progress of this new novel and learn more of the books written by Lin and J.L. Stepp, both fiction and non-fiction at their WEBSITE

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