"TRANSMUTATION" — New Science Fiction Release

Transmutation - Lynn Miclea. New sci fi release

Transmutation — newest sci fi novel from Linda Miclea. 

“Something inhuman is spreading across Earth.”

An alien being is responsible for Erica’s infection. She made a recent voyage to an alien world, returning to Earth without realizing she has brought contamination back with her. Now, after the fact, she is responsible for more infection.

Erica strives to high the truth and survive attacks on her life. Meanwhile, the alien presence uncontrollably altering newly infected people.

Transformation. New sci fi release for Author Lynn Miclea

What is happening to humanity? Will humans as we know them survive?

Transmutation is a sequel to New Contact, released in 2019.  Aggressive humans encounter a peaceful, more advanced race on another planet.  The team captain works to bring his men back safe and alive!

More from Linda Miclea

Lynn Miclea has published 23 books over several genres of fiction and non-fiction. Writing is her passion and she plans to be publishing more books!  Besides being an author, Linda is a musician, Reiki master and dog lover!  She lives and writes in California, supported and encouraged by her husband.

Lynn Miclea’s website and her BLOG bring readers more information about her writing and her interests.

Mending A Heart tells the story of her health challenges due to aortic stenosis. A gripping true story of Lynn Miclea’s diagnosis and journey through open heart surgery and recovery.

In addition, Ms. Miclea has four meditation books, Unleash Your Inner Joy.

The four volumes of meditations and guided imagery are written as stand-alone books and can be read and used in any order. Excellent resources for introducing people to the practices of meditation, visualization, affirmation, guided imagery, growth, expansion and self-love. The author writes that inner joy, as boundless, deep and powerful is your natural state of being.

Lynn Miclea writes with the Writers Unite group, using a new prompt every month to inspire a short story. She publishes the stories on her blog for fans reading enjoyment!

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