Daddy’s Girl — Lin Stepp, author

Lin Stepp pleasantly takes a few different turns in the new novel Daddy’s Girl.
Sometimes the more things seem to change the more they seem the same!!

Olivia is my “main character” — she loves her home town, her home with the beautifully styled gardens — just like the formal gardens of English castles! I loved the descriptions of the gardens.

As Olivia’s high school graduation class plans a 10 year reunion, they each have to face their level of maturity. Some of that immaturity or maturity is connected and reflected by choices each made after graduation. The ‘hot clique’ cold issues still bubbled under the surface for all of them. Olivia had been a passive person, sometimes walking with both sides, but not defending ‘luzers’ in the face of ‘hot’ insults. When her true love from childhood returns, a ‘luzer/misfit/geek’ in high school who has become a successful young adult author, the chemistry and true friendship rekindles. The relationship doesn’t flame smoothly without struggle as each has to come to the fuller maturity they’ve been dodging for 10 years.

Olivia’s flaws along with those of the others make the story move along. With a Christian base, the book is not doctrinal, but follows life and life learning. We all show up in the faces of the characters, more in some than in others. This is the pleasant pattern that I’ve come to enjoy in Lin Stepp’s books. Inspiring and refreshing.

I received a copy of Daddy’s Girl as a gift from the author. I am not obligated to 1leave a review. The book showed up in my mailbox at the end of a stressful working week. Daddy’s Girl gave me a restful, recovery reading time! I told my husband this is one of the things that make me look forward to Lin Stepp’s books. With eloquent writing, she spins a moving story that make reviving pleasure reading for me. Incidentally, these are not ‘chick books’, the descriptions and dialog are frequently enjoyed by men!

All done with quality description of beautiful country, towns and buildings AND without violence, erotica or vulgarity! That deserves another 5 stars