The Affair At Allagash – Sisters Divided

cloud_bookshelf_200_wht_9208Joy Ross Davis brings the drama of real life — weather and geography against the hard work of men and women into a stirring story of love and devotion as we watch a young couple work on their farm in Maine, caring for their livestock in the face of harsh winter and anticipation of the birth of their child.

Characters that I’ve begun to watch for, Angel-candidates, Keeva and Maeve along with their mentors, Lucille and Martha and their instructor Colin all play a large part in the moments in Maine.

Keeva is ever the favorite in my eyes as she is predictably GOOD and caring, ever ready to help people. Ever ready to over-ride the mischief of her not-sp-dedicated sister Maeve. One has to wonder if Maeve will EVER make the cut and get her wings.

Let me spare you the details of how Maeve selfishly meddles in events at Allagash and puts people at risk again. You will enjoy Joy Ross Davis’s elegant story-telling while you learn for yourself how the self-centered Maeve creates havoc for her sister, her mentors and the people who are their assignment. And how, the good will win out.

This has been a delightful series, always well-written and edited, but growing ever more interesting and a pleasure to read. If you have missed some of the volumes, your pleasure is awaiting you. You can pick up anywhere as this author brings the story into being , then carries it through for the pleasure of the readers.  The Affair At Allagash – Sisters Divided is available at Amazon. 

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