One Moonlit Night, B.J. Robinson, author.

cloud_bookshelf_200_wht_9208A ‘doomed’ teen love — when Callie and Connor determine to marry before college or future blooms, parents interfere dramatically and the young lovers are steered down far different paths.

B.J. Robinson brings a young love to full bloom with the surprising twists that are beginning to become a ‘calling card’ for her stories.  As the story develops, readers are not surprised when, after achieving admirable goals and more, the young lovers meet again and that they have not found someone else to hold their hearts.  Nope, they haven’t and now they must decide if there is a future for them along with their careers.  This review is short because I do not  want to tell too much.  Just let yourself go with the flow and enjoy the surprises that develop in this young couple’s future.
Enter the new twists, blended with gentle Christian behavior to keep readers intrigued and inspired.  If you are looking for a pleasure read that will definitely occupy some quiet evenings on the porch or afternoons at the beach,  One Moonlit Night will meet the requirements.
 One Moonlit Night meets the ‘flinch free’ criteria. There is some kissing, but no offensive erotica or sexual content.  No violence.  I recommend this story.  Buy One Moonlit Night.

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