Caribbean Dream — B.J. Robinson, author

This is a fast moving, fun romance and part of a summer wedding series.  Drama is light and the fantastic dreamy beach rcloud_bookshelf_200_wht_9208omance good summer entertainment.  True love comes on with incredible speed, but with a summer pleasure read, you don’t need details that put you to sleep. The details lie in descriptions of the tropical island resort, the shopping, the historical places to visit and the gourmet food.  

I don’t think B. J. Robinson intends to ‘teach’ readers, but rather give them a clean, pleasure story.  She accomplishes this with Caribbean Dream. This book flows and is one of the best ones from this author that I’ve read.
There is at least one more in the series.  You will see some of the same characters who first came on tT scene in Cocoa Beach Dream. You can enjoy each book as a stand-alone read, but you’ll have more fun if you get all three and read them in order.   There is a light Christian theme throughout the story, in keeping with the author’s convictions and beliefs.  This is not a ‘religious’ story, but wholesome, easy to access pleasure reading.

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