Turnin’ Pages — Cardinal Bluff Diary — April 2020

image of cardinal on a coffee cup
image of cardinal on a coffee cup

April, 2020 got away from us! All over the world, the Covid19 Pandemic with precautions kept people in ‘Shelter-in-Place’ mode.

I hope there were many, many readers out there making connections with their favorite authors. Plus, learning about new authors.

We’re still vigorously preparing for a major cross country move. That ‘busy work’ kept us from feeling ‘controlled’ by the travel and congregating restrictions. The businesses we needed to work with have all been open.

The toilet paper hoarding was an interesting experience, but we were never out of TP or any other necessities. We have been been a paper family for years, with a steady stash of TP, paper towels and plates.

Our nine chickens have been better than their best. They are not spring chickens. We could easily expect their laying to drop off, but they never quit.

An experience like this brings out the frugal genetics at our house. I’m especially a card carrying Frugal-ist! Found myself asking me “Is there one more wipe in that paper towel?” more often than in the past!

April is over TODAY and we’re ready for May. The reserve of reviews has been drained. My house is mostly in boxes, awaiting a moving truck. Writing has come back to the surface of REQUIRED tasks.

Thank you for your loyalty. Watch for new reviews, releases, features and goodies for you.

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