A BRUSH WITH DEATH — Sisters Divided, Joy Ross Davis

A Brush With Death, volume two in Joy Ross Davis’s SISTERS DIVIDED series takes a cold turn. Keeva and Maeve, the dramatically different sisters have an unusual experience revealing the power of their angel trainer, Colin.  Maeve’s selfish tendencies are not swayed leading to the near tragedy in A Brush with Death.  Fortunately, she has a truly kind and generous twin in Keeva who will try to turn Maeve’s selfish behavior.

Set in a beautiful B&B near Memphis, Tennessee, readers get more than the ‘cliff hanger’ about angels earning their wings in description of setting and gourmet dishes. Joy Ross Davis’ traveling experiences and gourmet knowledge, added to her love of small animals and children show clearly as she writes about the ‘fur characters’ in A Brush with Death.
Where will Maeve and Keeva show up next?  SURPRISES coming!  Wherever it is, looks as if their ‘keepers’/babysitters are out in the open! I’ll be ready and waiting for the next volume as these two move toward their goal….or in the case of one, maybe move away from the goal.
Joy Ross Davis writes pleasure reading. Expect to be inspired and entertained pleasantly with ‘clean, flinch-free’ writing that is well-spun