LIVING WATERS — Sisters Divided, Joy Ross Davis

LIVING WATERS,  Volume 3 of The sister angel initiates, Keeva and Maeve continue their journey with their mentors, Lucille and Martha to St. Augustine.

Maeve’s behavior in Vol. 2 that put the dog at risk has earned her a disciplinary action from Collin which she finds extremely constraining. The other characters, sister Keeva and mentors, Lucille and Martha, are not tentative about their opinions wherein Maeve might improve her situation. While they are empathetic, they are candid with some solid scripture. Keeva, always in tune with her sister’s moods, brings Maeve a visitor’s brochure trying to entice her into going out, offering an encouraging verse from Proverbs: “Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”

I don’t like to make this all about one character, but Maeve’s angst and condition do dominate this Volume almost as much as I feel Maeve would like to dominate everything. Through that point of view, we are taken on a tour of St. John’s County and through the archeological park and a stop at the Fountain of Youth. The group has a friendly and helpful tour guide, Gary who introduces them to a ‘hunk’ Phillip. Phillip has a tearoom that entices Lucille and Martha with vintage furnishings and wins everyone with delicious food.

Living Waters — the dream that Phillip has for Living Waters B & B is inviting! But, in this volume, Gary is the person needing their angelic touch…when the four work together to help him, Maeve finds a change in her disciplinary ‘sentence’. Will something she’s done about Living Waters B & B break things again? Will Maeve ever become even remotely compliant and less self-centered?

I am a fan of Joy Ross Davis historical writing and know her love of traveling. The settings for Sisters Divided is different from other stories and I’m enjoying each one more than the last as the petals of the ‘story rose’ unfold.