Where Hope Starts — Angela D. Meyer, author

Families are hard!

Karen Marino fled her home in Applewood Hill in the midst of family conflict. She stepped from the frying pan into the fire as her dream life turned into a nightmare. The perfect love is a mockery.

Karen’s professional success as a restaurant manager is mocked by her marriage failure. As her personal conflict drives her to flee her husband Barry and her career, she returns to her Missouri home.

While considering her options, she finds an old flame ready to rekindle romance, a family full of secrets, and a brother bent on venting his revengeful anger.

Barry fights his demons in New York, powerless to manage rage and addiction on his own.

Friends and family who have turned to faith to face their nightmares help the couple determine their future.

Read more about how Karen and Barry find their way back to Where Hope Starts.

The Series Continues

Where Hope Starts is the first book in the Applewood Hill series. There is much more to the Hannigan family saga. Karen and her siblings are second-generation turning messy lives toward faith and brighter futures. Forgiveness is not easy.

Where Healing Starts is the second book which will be released on May 12, 2022. Either book can be read alone. I’m recommending reading them in sequence because you will have a better view of the continuing saga. I’m predicting at least one more book in the series!

Angela D. Meyer writes faith-based novels with the author group at Mosaic Collection Books. She has several other books you will enjoy. You can learn more at her website: AngelaDMeyer.com

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