Where Healing Starts

Hannigan Family Continued

I hope you enjoy this scene from Where Healing Starts which will give you a bird’s eye view into the relationship between Joanna and her sisters.

“Sounds like Albert.” Haley shrugged off her sweater. “He likes everything just so. Makes my life oh so much fun.”

“It’s not that. I plan to keep this as a central part of the decorating I have in mind. James said I could do whatever I wanted with this place.” 

“Ooooh,” Joanna and Karen said in unison.

“You and James are adorable together.” Karen raised her chin and stuck her nose in the air. “Mr. Darcy and Miss—” 

“Stop it.” Elinor made an exaggerated pout. 

“I’ve got it. How about Miss Bennett?” Haley laughed.

“Don’t worry, we like him.” Karen leaned her head against Elinor’s.

“He is rather proper.” Elinor laughed. 

“What’s this about proper?” The deep baritone voice, rimmed in a thick English accent, stopped the silliness for a brief moment before all four women burst out laughing.

“Nothing, dear.”

“I do serve a proper tea, don’t I?” James walked over to Elinor and gave her a peck on the tip of her nose. 

“You’re such a good sport.” Haley plopped down on an easy chair.

“By jove, I think I am.” He held the lapel of his suit like a proper butler and bowed, bringing on more howls of laughter. “Now, I need to return to the front desk. Elinor, come see me before you leave, please.” He gave her another quick kiss and left the ladies to their unloading.

“Let’s put all the boxes in the guest room.” Elinor led the way down the hall.

Karen picked up a box and the bottom gave way. Books and photo albums spilled across the floor. Joanna bent down next to the jumbled pile of spilled books and sentiments and started picking things up. 

Elinor came into the room and threw up her hands when she saw the mess. “I’ll go find another box.”

After picking up books for a couple of minutes, Haley and Joanna paused at the sight of a neon-green photo album.

“Hello, what’s this?” Joanna picked up the album. 

Haley took the album from Joanna and sat next to Karen. Joanna situated herself to better see. They thumbed through the pages until Elinor returned and stood over them. They turned and grinned.

“These are great pictures of you.” Haley patted the seat next to her, inviting Elinor to join them.

“My pictures from high school? Nothing special there.” Elinor set the box down and held her hand out for the book. 

“I want to see what my little sister was up to while I was at college.” Karen grinned. Ignoring Elinor’s outstretched hand, she turned the page. “Wow. Who is that? Haley, Joanna, you have to see this guy.” She held the album.

“Ooh-la-la. He is one fine man. Where’d you hide him?” Joanna put her hand over her heart and fluttered her eyelashes. 

Healing Can Take Time

Johanna and her siblings have had difficult experiences with family. Their parents were late coming to faith. They were rough in their ‘on-the-job training’ as parents. Some of their children had a more difficult time than others. Johanna is particularly challenged. Will she survive? She tries her darndest to not survive. Her self-respect and self-confidence are at the bottom. As a kid in the middle, she has been either brushed off or dealt harsh treatment disguised as discipline. The harsh times were actually someone else’s anger.

Where Healing Starts is the second and newest book in Angela D. Meyer’s Applewood Hill Series. Preceded by Where Hope Starts, I predict there will be at least one more about the struggles Johanna’s family has. Some are being sought by faith. Others struggle to maintain theirs in the face of dealing with life and family. The Hannigans are a lively, flawed, rather normal family. As a reader, you can identify with someone in their family or circle of influence to compare with each character. You may even see yourself in some of them. As with other stories, we see that God is a God of second chances. That is not fiction!

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