“The Hazards of War” — WW II Historical Fiction

  This WW II story is  the first book I’ve read from author Jonathan Paul Isaacs. This book  takes readers into the depths of France during WW II for a very short time.

Recipe for WW II Reading Pleasure

Combine a wine making family with their vineyards, winery and country home with an English airman and a group of Nazi soldiers trapped by weather from reaching their destination. Mix well with secret sauce of resistance plans and what do you get? A fast, not very long story that doesn’t rely on profanity or erotica to get the story across. There is violence because this is war. Men are beaten during interrogation, a young woman is slapped, insulted and raped (implied — readers do not get gory details). Others die in ambush or outright attack.

Observations about this WW II story

The Hazards of War offers history and culture in the times of war, the wine making industry and the lifestyles of Germany, France and England. Family is important. I thought the young heroine was a little outspoken for the times, but her behavior did help move the story forward. The people who are so horrendously kicked and struck recover pretty fast — a little too much like today’s TV. But, then, I’ve never had to endure any of this.  So, who am I to say how fast recovery can happen. Events in this book had to be accomplished in a couple of days’ time spread, not a lot of opportunity to contemplate bruises. That’s how story telling works.

Even If WW II Didn’t Totally Intrigue me.

I read this story on my Kindle Unlimited account.  It is one of few that I would consider purchasing to have in a permanent digital collection. I recommend The Hazards of War to readers as inspirational reading. Despite the violence which can make up the hazards of war in any generation, this book was a pleasure to read. 

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