Anger Management Workbook – 7 Good Things

Inspiration comes in non-fiction learning opportunities such as Managing Our Lives – Managing Our Anger — Authors  Samantha Janosick and David Morgan.

Incivility and Intolerance Can Stop

We live in a social climate of CLEAR INCIVILITY and intolerance.  The conversation is certainly seldom ‘flinch free’.  Instead we hear profanity trimmed with impatience, frustration, disrespect and ANGER.  None of these behaviors are inspiring experiences for those who deliver or those who receive. The person who is acting or reacting with incivility isn’t enjoying peace or encouragement. Receiving  wrath certainly brings no peace or inspiration. The people who are onlookers are marred nearly as much as the participants. 

The behavioral modification offered in this workbook has potential for healthy, compassionate relationships, even as we live in crowded cities like rats in a trap! Students/readers learn to  recognize triggers and hot buttons. That recognition is followed by techniques about how to move forward in management for our behavior.   Our managed behavior can have some influence on others who don’t practice good management. 

We can be the management of ourselves.  I liked the way this work book uses graphics (especially some featuring a speedometer) to guide readers into understanding what anger is, where it comes from and how we can be pro-active to manage all of our emotions.

Some of The Good Things

  • Having a facilitator or accountability person to help with progress. Even though a dedicated person could go through this workbook alone, there is merit in being proud and having self-respect to tell others that I am studying how to manage my anger.
  • That the information isn’t a quick shot that doesn’t have much chance to embed in my mind. The workbook is set up to be gone through over a period of several weeks…enough time to build new habits.
  • The way the authors make an early point that anger is always preceded by another emotion.
  • Information about being pro-active to manage emotion.
  • Techniques that are applicable, such as managing judgment, expectations and reactions with thought, taking some time to think.
  • A pre-assessment before starting the book show where I am in the beginning.  Then, I can measure how much I have accomplished in the post-assessment at the end.  These personal, tangible observations in my own workbook help me.  Being my own emotional manager empowers me. 
  • NO judgement throughout the book. The information is going to be largely my responses in various tables and lists. I can WRITE in the book, making this MY anger management book.  Criticism, judgement and intolerance are not any part of the content.

I may end up taking my copy apart.  Then it can be three-hole punched, and placed into a protective binder. There is so much on-going usefulness in this workbook. The current format could become quite worn!  Users will benefit from being able to return to the information for years to come.

The book is 100 pages in workbook style. It is paperback, but strong, using good paper. There is plenty of space for writing your own information throughout.  

Personal Anger Management Sessions

This workbook was written to acompany an ‘in person’ Anger Management Course offered by the authors in New York.   Executive Coaching Individual sessions and group sessions are offered to  clients at Long Island Anger Management. When the ‘in person’ course is completed, the student receives a certificate that the courts will recognize.  There is no certificate offered for people who use the workbook independently.

I have not taken the course offered through the authors’ practice. I ordered the book so I could see what they were talking about.  The authors are to be commended for offering the book outside of their practice. They bring opportunity to people all over the planet.

I recommend the workbook. Go forth and be inspired to manage your emotions and life as only you can do it.

Get your copy today! 

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