Reviewing “Dakota Dream” | Lauraine Snelling, Author

dakotadreamcoverI really enjoyed this sweet historical fiction Christian romance! The story really does cover all of those niches and does it quite well! The delivery is sweet and something you can let your grandma find on your kindle. Call me starved for some well-done flinch free reading if you will, but I found this story refreshing and a genuine pleasure to read.

The pioneer and immigrant times of the Midwestern states of America are an exciting time and read on their own without much personal drama. Add the romance and drama of what people went through to get to America and how they overcame more than irritation…some truely tragedy without being pretentious or scholarly, this story just brings gentle pleasure.

I’ve had the book on my Kindle for quite awhile. I’m really glad I went through looking for something to read and found it.

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