Reviewing Marcus Varitor, Centurion | Anne Baxter Campbell, author

marcusromancover Anne Baxter Campbell has written a good story in a good, pleasant to read style and I recommend this book. My copy was a gift from the author; I was not obligated to write a review or to read it. I’m certainly happy that I did read and am pleased to write!  A high quality novel published by Helping Hands Press, an imprint featuring inspiring and/or Christian stories with some truly well-told tales included.

Readers are taken to a time in history shortly before the crucifixion of Christ.  His ministry is referred to but the characters who are coming to belief are connecting with Adonai – Yahweh, the God of the Jews.

Marcus Varitor, Centurion is the 2nd novel in a series and is filled with adventurous scenarios, trials and tests of the new found faith, chaste romance and good description of the places where the action takes place. The story is easy to follow through all the action and pleasant to read. If you are reading little bits at a time, the story will work for you or if you sit down and try to read it all at once, it will work.
Marcus is a Roman soldier; there are some conflicts and battle scenes, but no gratuitous violence for the sake of gore. Some women are kidnapped, but their faith prevails to protect their honor. The characters began as Egyptians, Greeks and Romans for the most part and they were probably religious people, but had learned their religion is feeble. At this point, none who have converted were evil people before their conversion.
This is a spiritual book with a basis in Godly faith but with some detail about Jewish practices. Clean reading of a high spiritual quality will appeal to readers seeking this type of book.  People who are looking for something different may not enjoy the story as the weight of history against faith content is more toward faith.  The historical fiction content is excellent and a pleasure to read, but this isn’t solely an historical book.
The book is well presented with good editing before publication. As a strong reader, this is important to me…I enjoyed being able to read good writing in a decent (clean) voice without having to dig to find it.  I liked this book and will be reading all in this series.