Curl Up with a Cuppa Cranberry Zinger and Enjoy a Good God Story

linsteppmmcoverLin Stepp is a caring, talented author. Her characters are well-crafted; good guys are likeable with some foibles…rather like normal people. There is no question about who the bad guys are!

Makin’ Miracles is a spiritual romance. Not fantasy, but a solid story of regular lives with joy and sadness plus a dash of drama and danger. I enjoyed the word pictures of the Smokey Mountain country and the cultural blends both in geography and philosophy.

The story is aimed towards a Christian statement without being overwhelmingly doctrinal. A story of the characters’ faith…practice for some and journey for others.

FLINCH FREE and full of elegant writing, this book was a joy for me to read. I’m not going to give you a ‘book report’ and spoil the story of gentle cultural collision that keeps the romance uncertain until the end. I will simply HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you give yourself a reading reward and get the book for your collection. You deserve an uplifting read and you can be easy about someone finding Makin’ Miracles on your shelf — an indication that you know good reading when you find it.

Thank you, Lin Stepp and PLEASE keep writing.

You can find more about Lin and the books she writes at  In addition to the Smoky Mountain Christian romance series, Lin and her husband, J.L. have written a Smoky Mountain Guidebook, “The Afternoon Hiker“.  They have a good circuit of bookstores and events in their area where they are available for book signings.

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