The Stonecutter’s Gift, Joy Ross Davis, author

stick_figure_reading_pc-205_wht_2338Amazing are the little things in our history — the little people that are often not noticed as we observe a few who held ‘leading roles’ in historical circumstances.  These ‘little people’ have voices frequently in authors as do the victims of an arsenal fire at Washington DC during the War Between the States.    Buy “The Stonecutter’s Gift”.

Joy Ross Davis gives voice to these women with a story about what probably was a pattern of their day-to-day lives. Some joy, much sorrow as sickness and poverty took their toll. Still, the women and the people who cared for them worked through each day, awaiting tomorrow.
Then, came the day when someone’s ignorance caused the catastrophic fire, taking the lives of those who were willingly enduring their day-to-day with no plans to die.  Adding to the grief already enveloping the land, expanding it to non-military people.  Crushing dreams of the ones left alive.
The Stonecutter’s Gift shows us a man, Lot Flarnneyr with a gift to find the beauty and character hidden in a block of marble.  Joy Ross Davis’s elegant, moving way with words tells a story of what might have been more about Lot Flannery’s life and community, while giving us a familiar glimpse of the kind angel of death we met in the earlier volume Joy Ross Davis wrote for this Murray Pura Civil War series, The Sutler of Gettysburg.  Love in all facets give life to a long-forgotten story.
I recommend Joy Ross Davis writing for your ‘inspired reading pleasure’.  She ‘has a way with words’ that make her stories keepers.  She doesn’t ‘mill’ out the same-old, same-old in her stories so you can read them all and enjoy differences that make each memorable. Treat yourself to some good writing which makes for great reading.