Mysterious Ways — B.J. Robinson, author

mysteriouscover prioritycoverB.J. Robinson has been busy!  She’s got First Priority recently ready for you to read and get a preview of her full novel around the story of June and Andy in Mysterious Ways.

I recommend both First Priority and Mysterious Ways for your pleasure reading. B.J. Robinson shows the day to day of living faith…sometimes it just doesn’t seem to work and makes the characters wonder if their good luck or bad luck signs are what’s working.  Readers follow Andy and June from their first dating days through the years. June’s mother, Myrtle, has a worthy repertoire  of  ‘luck signs’ and particularly concentrates on the bad luck signs.  A certain incident with a black cat remains top of mind for Myrtle throughout the years covered by the novel.

A family love story stage by stage with some surprising twists. Delicately Christian and religious balances wonderfully wholesome reading that you can trust to give you hours of pleasant reading. June and Andy are destined for one another and they as well as their faith will prevail. As you read through seasons and stages of their lives and enjoy every new step, you will become friends with them and theirs.

The author writes of things she has seen and knows. This particular story carries experiences from her girlhood. Descriptions are colorful and colloquial — seafood and menus for scrumptious family meals or picnics. The characters are multi-sided and give the story more variety.

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