A Hopeful Heart — Amy Clipston, author

Closeup of the eye of a brown horse. Vertical shot.I enjoyed this easy reading Amish story about grown-ups. The characters face challenges and pain while experiencing joy in their community. Hannah, born into the Amish community, is a widow with three children, teen-age twins and a younger son. As she continues with an interest in the business her late husband loved and partnered in with his brother on the family farm, she has branched out to have a job on the housekeeping staff at a local hotel/motel.  Hannah’s son loves the horses and has one that he is especially attached to.

That job which gives her contact with people and a lot of pleasure therein, is the catalyst for Hannah to meet Trey, a recent widower who had plans with his wife to move to this Pennsylvania community and have a bed and breakfast.  Tragically, before they were able to do that, his wife and daughter were killed in a traffic accident.

Taking this book up a step on the romance stairs, the author adds some romantic, family, philosophic and cultural drama.  Hannah’s brother-in-law deals with his feelings for Hannah because he had admired her before she married his more outgoing brother. He would like to be the man in her life now, continue the farming and horse business with her and her children. The Amish community and one of her daughters sees this as the perfect solution for her future.

A woman determined to live her own life, Hannah knows the horse farm was her late husband’s dream and she really does like working with people.   Trey rings some emotional bells with her that run counter to her upbringing and her culture and the opinions of others.

The way this story comes full circle for the ending goes well with the high quality writing.  Making it a real pleasure to read.  Amy Clipston has other books available and you can learn more at AmyClipston.com

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