A Perilous Proposal, Michael Phillips, author

cloud_bookshelf_200_wht_9208The tangled webs of life are brought to light in a story set in times of The War Between the States.  We see slavery at its cruelest — any form is the ugliest.   These are perilous times with more at risk than a proposal which comes with the maturity of the characters.

Fathers and mothers separated from families, children and lovers, cruelly beaten and abused women, runaway children — a story that circles around to bring reunion, new love, new heros and new risks.   All fiction, but as researchers will tell you, nothing can be made-up that is stranger than the things that actually happen.
A Perilous Proposal is a story filled with all of these dramatic turns to make for a ‘loaded’ time of reading that becomes inspiration and pleasure making you glad you learned about this story and this author.  I recommend the beginning book of a series and the author. Michael Phillips leads a series for these characters — this is not a ‘flinch free’ story because of the violence perpetrated on the slave characters and their supportive protectors.  A Perilous Proposal on Amazon.