Lost Inheritance, Lin Stepp, Smoky Mountain Novel

  Today is RELEASE DAY for Lost Inheritance, another Smoky Mountain novel from  author, Lin SteppCONGRATULATIONS!!  Visit her website

Author Lin Stepp takes readers deep into the heart of Tennessee AGAIN. The travels and views are stunning even more than in past stories.
As a ‘regular reader’ of these Tennessee novels, I enjoy it even more when I begin to recognize locales of other stories.

Lost Inheritances has some new twists as the story rolls along. The central themes rotate around building — high quality construction on costly homes — and art — high quality, original art, prints and gifts for the tourists. Set in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, the story is a little different geographically. Formerly, the small Smoky Mountain communities were not so familiar.

Smoky Mountain LIfe

I like the informative story pieces around the themes of building and art along with Smoky Mountain scenery  Added enjoyment can be found in learning about the fields of building and art in a subtle manner, unusual colored threads in the tapestry of a good story, making it a memorable story. Readers come away informed about more than they expected. The blending of local community and big city without judgement is pleasant.

There are some unexpected romances, each couple offering different views of people and life. Some folks win and some lose. From page one, there is a clear inheritance that gets misdirected into the hands of an undeserving character. Is that the lost inheritance or is there another? That is one of the TWISTS that readers get to watch for. I am sure I found this twist early on, but I had to read it out to the reveal to see the twists work out. The result was not one that I had expected!

Lin S gives readers a novel that has fresh story as it moves along.  Not boring formula writing that beats me about the head and shoulders with the intent. For this one, there was some leeway in the intent and while I was pretty sure how things would turn out, sometimes I wasn’t quite so sure.

Friend & Fan Disclosure

As a fan and friend in faith, I commend Lin Stepp’s writing revealing her faith foundations. There is no doctrinal pushing, but there is honestly in the way characters express their faith. Along with the faith piece, this author manages to write over 280 pages with no vulgarities or gratuitous erotica. Another favorite has been Daddy’s Girl, reviewed earlier here

My copy of the book was a gift of an autographed copy. While I would gladly give the story TEN stars, I was only invited to enjoy reading, but not obligated to review, either good or bad. One thing I will assure you — you may read my copy, but you must read it at my house, for it means too much to me to risk losing it. I have some others that you can take home!


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