THE RESTORATION — Sisters Divided, Joy Ross Davis

The Restoration — Volume 4, SISTERS DIVIDED — Joy Ross Davis is taking this story into more profound territory than I anticipated. Our divided sisters, Keeva and Maeve, have their mentor twins, elderly Lucille and Martha, with them as we learn of the selfish cruelty that Maeve worked in Volume 3, Living Waters.

If you’ve been reading, you know that Maeve’s antics were awful in Volume 2, A Brush with Death and that Colin, their angel trainer took stern disciplinary steps, working some awesome changes in Maeve’s beauty. Instead of being humbled by Colin’s tactics, Maeve continued in her rebellious spirit which brings us to the Restoration.

We can begin to feel some sympathy for the selfish Maeve as she realizes the potential of the trouble she has caused in her rebellion. Her efforts can be changed and the suffering ones can be restored — as well as Maeve’s beauty, but she must do some of the restoring herself.

We continue on at the Across the Pond Tea Room where Keeva, Martha, Lucille and Gary — a bus driver who has been included in their secret, distract Phillip while Maeve corrects the damage she caused to the Living Waters gardens.

Spoiler Alert — Maeve and The Living Waters are RESTORED! Read this volume and learn the little details because they will be important in the coming volumes.

Joy Ross Davis writes a better and better story. Maeve, Keeva, Martha and Lucille are becoming a team that readers look forward to seeing in their next adventure….all four, each and every one!.