Reviewing AMERICAN SNIPER, the Movie

I have not reviewed movies before, but the recent release of a movie reflecting the experiences of Chris Kyle, Navy Seal during the Iraq conflict, has led to this review.

Directed by Clint Eastwood, I had heard excellent reviews of a ‘sleeper film’ from a local movie critic Chris Louzader who reviews films for listeners in the Springfield, Missouri area.

I am not a good news junkie, so I have to confess I didn’t know much about this story when friends invited us to join them at a local theater where the movie was showing.  I hadn’t read any of several books available about Kyle’s experiences.

I, along with others in the theater last night, found the movie to be appealing to our patriotic tendencies. The film is well directed without undue sensationalism. This is a WAR movie, so the language and many frames are not ‘flinch free’.  However, I support the people who take on the military tasks to promote and defend democracy and am willing to let them have some leeway.  Our military people endure an incredible amount of personal risk in combat while they and their families endure even more from separation and from anxiety when their soldier comes home wounded physically and wounded of the spirit.  American Sniper shows these conditions.  In support of their bravery and spirit, I recommend the movie.

To be fair, Eastwood showed ‘life’ and sensitivity of the people who are on the opposing side — they bleed and die unwillingly for their cause.

If you disagree, that is your privilege.  This is my post and my website which can be a soapbox for my thoughts.  Live with it and go in peace.

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