Wholesome Romance — Two New Novels Coming — Lin Stepp, Author

Lin Stepp has sent copies of two new books
Two wholesome romance books to read and review

Wholesome romance author, Lin Stepp, sent copies of her April 2020 releases for me to read and review. (And keep in my library!) 

Without a doubt, reading and reviewing Lin’s books are a pleasure for me because the gentle contemporary, Christian plots give me so much. There is geographic and scenic description, often featuring the Smoky Mountains.  Happy Valley is set around a Tennessee farm. Can you ever go back?

Return to Edisto, Book two in Lin Stepp’s The Edisto Trilogy takes readers to charming Edisto Island with ocean environment without the rowdy, overcrowded beach. The first book, Claire at Edisto was the focus of an earlier post, Romance at Edisto Island — Claire at Edisto — Lin Stepp

Wholesome Romance and Scenic Views

I’ve said it before, but will reinforce the point that Lin Stepp’s stories are not ‘chick lit’. My husband didn’t expect to enjoy reading them, but he now looks forward to new releases as much as I do! Wholesome romance within many scenic view descriptions help readers of all ages picture the story.

I’ll be reading Return to Edisto and Happy Valley this week. Then planning reviews for the release in April.  The new release announcements from Cardinal Bluff have been set up.  Readers can pre-order copies at Amazon or Barnes and Noble websites.  Both books are available in digital format as well as print. The links above are connected to the Amazon pages for each book.

As a reviewer, I need to be able to read the book!  While I am a prolific reader, reviews and reading preferences go to authors who contact me about reviewing their books. Writers who send copies of the books will find their work moving up the ladder toward a review.  I review here at Cardinal Bluff Reviews and marketing sites. Those spots include Amazon, Barnes and Noble and GoodReads for Lin Stepp.

Signing off now to get myself lost in the pages of a very good book! Two of them!

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