You’ll Be Happy When You Read “Saving Laurel Springs”

Saving Laurel Springs, Dr. Lin Stepp, AuthorYou will want to make reservations!

Don’t just Save Laurel Springs — Read the terrific novel and keep it in your collection.

Enjoy traveling to the lovely Smokies between the covers of an excellent and skillfully told story.  I have enjoyed several of Lin Stepp’s books and look forward to new ones becoming available.  Her stories just flow elegantly; making sense and not leaving you dangling, while not boring you with endless repetition of the story intention. These stories entertain and lift the reader while avoiding ‘shock and awe’ tactics.  I would describe the ones I have read as Christian Fiction for Women and Men. I know I’ve recommend them to men who read and enjoyed.

Laurel Springs has a special place in the hearts of the Dean and Layman families who have established a welcoming place for people who want to ‘get-away’ to the peace and beauty of the Smokies.  But, times are tough and keeping the cabins well-maintained is stressful to the people who live and work on the land.
The author weaves a Christian theme with grace as she expands the longtime romance between Rhea and Carter. A romance that seems to have been fraught with betrayals from different directions; some accidental and some intentional.
I enjoyed the descriptions of careers — from hospitality through computer game development.  Added description of the sweet cabins of the vacation resort and the mountain scenery along with some mighty tasty food made a more than pleasant reading menu for me.  A fine mystery involving a classic ‘bad guy’ and risk to the ‘good guys’ tops the story off.
I want to recommend a Smoky Mountain Novel that should be in everyone’s collection!  Check out more excellent reading in gentle Christian romance novels and guiding non-fiction at Lin Stepp (




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