If I Make My Bed In Hell – A story of abuse from Ava Norwood

cloud_bookshelf_200_wht_9208 This book isn’t the flinch-free, uplifting Christian review you usually see here. That is why I have it under “Alone With Judy’s Brain.”  I wasn’t going to add it and shock your sensitivities, but re-thought that decision in the view of recent news where people were abused to their great pain and even death in real life ‘church’ situations.  These are not CHRISTIAN environments, in the opinion of Judy’s brain, but are violent, tyrannizing cults.

Ava Norwood’s characters are caught up in the tangles of life in one of these organizations. Their dark tyranny has kept the protagonist, Annabeth wound up in a stifling cocoon of self-blame and overwhelming ignorance. The book tells a tale of a woman who has little basis for relationship building so that even the liaison that would seem to be her deliverance from life long abuse at the hands of parents, leadership and husband is not a healthy connection.  She is used as she offers her tenderest love.

This book is not for the younger reader and may offend the ‘clean’ guidelines of some readers. Ava Norwood writes well and I recommend if the explicit parts of the book bother you, just skip them while remembering that there is little ‘flinch free’ experience in the true life of the abused person.  If you see something , say something.  The best way to stop abuse is to tattle, tattle, tattle!  Cast the light of day on the creeps!