Of Windmills and War, Diane Moody, author

James E. Lorenz, artist
James E. Lorenz, artist

I LOVED THIS BOOK! Diane Moody writes well all the time, but this book was born from the memories of her father who was a part of Operation Chowhound in Holland. World War II is essentially over, but the isolation and deprivations suffered in Holland are still there — more than there. The people have run a faithful resistance, but are purely starving.

Diane Moody ‘had me’ at the introduction when she told of traveling with her father to the 390th reunions. She told her father and friends about the idea for a novel which led to introduction to the family on a woman who had been a teen siring the food drops.  Having the different point of view expands this story and pulls the reader in even more. There are so many things that we must not forget.  We must honor Veterans and remember the Holocaust for the evil it was.

In a delightful tapestry, we see Danny and Anya from childhood as they mature and are finally brought together in true love. (That part is a little syrupy and fictional — maybe! I read for pleasure along with the history) All along the way for growing up, making friends, losing friends, taking risks, seeing faith struggle to survive, then bloom and more. This is a book that you won’t want to put down!
It’s war, so be prepared. No unseemly language. I highly recommend Windmills of War.

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