Cassia – Susan F. Craft

Cardinal Bluff -- Reviewing Inspirational authorsSolid historical fiction. Cassia is part of a series which began in the midst of the American Revolutionary War. Lilyan and her family encounter slave ships, pirates, new friends and new love for daughter Laurel.

Susan F. Craft spins a fast-moving tale that is a great pleasure read. I especially like the vocabulary explanations that she has at the end. Readers might like to look at it during reading or before so that any unfamiliar terms enrich the story. While I enjoy the writing, I try to read other things between her books so that I don’t begin second guessing her too much! The style could be called predictable. The style is definitely Christian without being denominational.

While there is some violence, readers must remember the situation involves resisting evil and wrong. There is no profanity or erotica. There are children in the book and you could let your children read the book. Or let your mother find it on your Kindle! I highly recommend this book for pleasure, enrichment and blessing.

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