The Gift of Christmas Present — Melody Carlson, author

The Gift of Christmas Present occurs over a short period of time in the lives of the characters. Well-written with places that make you smile and others that draw a few tears.

Christine Bradley is curious about her birth family while she treasures the loving adoptive home she’s known all her life.

After her mother’s death, Christine’s father shows her what they know about her birth mother which is not very much. Just enough to influence Christine’s choices for her future — where to go to college, where to begin searching for the woman she believes may be her grandmother.

Christine and her birth grandmother become acquainted along with other members of her family, but through some close to comedic circumstances.

The spiritual tone of the book is solidly Christian…we have missionaries, people with a heart for others, people with faith, people who have learned the value of forgiveness and people who will learn that value. The ending is rather a surprise. I like a book that can surprise me!

I recommend A Gift of Christmas Present where the people in the story live in the Present, learning to live with the Past and looking forward to life in the Future. I recommend this book!