When the Snow Comes — B.J. Robinson, author

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When the Snow Comes is one of the best books I’ve seen from this author. If you are looking for a gentle pleasure read during a busy time, this story would be a good fit.

The author’s style lets readers put the book down to finish holiday tasks, stir the soup and start a load of laundry while making plans for company or school activities!  Sometimes there isn’t an opportunity to crawl off for an afternoon and just READ!

Waiting for the first snows of winter, a seemingly star-crossed couple take their time to become re-acquainted without high drama. Amber and Adam build romantic foundations for their future in the midst of intricate descriptions of the scenery, wildlife, Victorian homes, farm homes and creative art work. Readers will learn of painting, fine furniture and good cooking as they enjoy being a part of Amber and Adam’s plans.  These readers will be introduced to local events and tourism in the Winter mountains…waiting for the first snow. Adam’s family is particularly creative. Both Adam and his mother have found their artistic lives fulfilling and profitable. These abilities contributed to misunderstandings between Amber and Adam when he had difficulty understanding that she needed to leave the community to pursue her dreams of becoming a nurse. He didn’t anticipate that their faith could be rewarded by employment for her right back in the community.

A special family recipe for Louisiana Cornbread Dressing  for the author’s family is included. You’re permitted to skip to the end for this, so you can treat your family to some good Southern eating right away!

When the Snow Comes has a strong fundamental Christian focus, but spares readers tiresome dogma. There is no profanity or violence.

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