Welcome Back — Lin Stepp, Author

Welcome Back, Lin Stepp AuthorWith Welcome Back, Lin Stepp has let us peek into the lives of some pretty typical people. Families are hard. There isn’t a huge amount of drama in this story, the twist is just a little softer than usual, but believable because of that softness.

When a women falls in love, she anticipates some protection and support from their new husband. When she is a well-behaved, ‘respect your elders’ youthful woman, andher mother-in-law pulls the strings while hubby has chosen ‘better red than dead’ as his mode of operation around MOTHER, trouble is brewing.

Welcome Back is the story and back story of a family where solid love and good people manage to work out a happy ending with a gentle, pleasant Christian flavor…characters enhance skills at some Christian release and forgiveness…coming out stronger, more mature and joyful on the other side

Because Lin Stepp lives in the mountainous country where the story takes place and enjoys traveling and hiking with her husband, she has experienced the geography and can deliver colorful description that keeps the story unique as it moves along. Readers have no problem visualizing the countryside, the homes and special touristy spots that flesh out this story. She manages almost 250 pages of elegantly told story that is Flinch-Free…no smut or gratuitous profanity or violence. You feel better when you have finished the book than when you started. Enjoy shopping at her Amazon page.

Lin Stepp Helps Readers Learn Characters and Themselves

Always a teacher, the author has included some discussion suggestions for book clubs and reading groups. The family issues in this book could make discussions personally revealing.

I have enjoyed many of Lin Stepp’s novels and I want to assure readers that this author is growing in her skill and must have many more stories running around on the keyboard of her mind. You can find more about her at her website, LinStepp.com. My copy was a gift from the author/publisher. I was not required to write a review of any kind. My reviews of Lin’s stories are always a double load because my husband finds they are not ‘chick’ books, but can keep his interest.