Reviewing At Legend’s End | Diane Moody, author

legendsendcoverPoint of View Changes Surprise and tickle me. Our story opens from a writer’s point of view…she has a snappy, ‘attitude’ voice as she is examining all of the things going on around her that she can relate to a collectible teacup and saucer to make a story. Diane Moody doesn’t mess around in the transition…one moment readers are with the ‘writer’; the next they are in the REAL story. Readers get an ‘essay’ balance at the end to ease them back into reality through the writer.

I was so pleasantly surprised by this book…I immediately went to get another one of the series, but I’m making myself wait to read it.

I really enjoyed the changes between the ‘author’ and her cat over into the charming and moving romance between fictional Olivia Thomas and Trevor Bass. Reeling in a couple who thought they were destined to remain single all their lives, in the midst of an historic curse — what happens to lovers when the woman stays in the Catherine Room at the charming Bed and Breakfast located in Caden Cove along the coast of Maine, near Kennebunkport recommended by her best friend, Ellen. Olivia has a reason that you, dear reader, will learn for leaving her reliable position in Georgia to spend a few weeks in solitude and decide the future direction of her life, Trevor has a curmudgeon reputation, an affection for rare books and shares a quaint bookstore with his King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Charlie, who produces a fine litter of puppies before the end of the book.

A teacup and saucer are the glue that leads a caring community to envelope a stranger and make her feel welcome while she is determining her future.

The author spins a sweet Christian story that is amazing, but believable and is extremely pleasant to read. Some times a good turn does go unpunished and is rewarded, so go ahead and stretch your imagination and enjoy an elegant, well-told story. Faith is firmed in some, permitted to bloom in others. There is no violence, coarse profanity or erotica. Readers can anticipate being hooked on the Teacup series. Along with the appeal for teacup collectors, this is ANOTHER “Inn–Bed and Breakfast” story that I seem to be collecting. There are others here at Cardinal Bluff and now some are showing up at Ozarks Mystique

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