Reviewing “And God Still Loves Me” | Patti J. Smith, author

patticover-250Patti Smith shares with clarity about the lifestyle that she has recovered from through the power of faith in God and Jesus Christ. She wasn’t guilty of every sin that was ever imagined, but enough to make a lot of misery for herself and for those in her path.

The stories of each step toward the depths and those steps upward that brought Patti to the place of Glory and Love where she walks today.

Through an opportunity to get treatment for alcoholism, Patti kept following a lighted path until she could reach the forgiveness of God and learn peace and forgiveness of herself, plus develop a desire to live a life honoring her God and Savior, contributing to the lives of her family and others who are seeking the same spiritual place she has found. Patti and her husband serve at their church, take care of elderly family, and she co-leads with Rachel’s Hope Post-Abortion retreats while writing devotionals that speak to those who know she has been in their place.

All is not serious — Patti is a football fan and blogs about her faith and hobby at Gridiron Granny Football Fanatic  She keeps us grinning and updated on the football situation at Thirsty Thursday author marketing events hosted on Facebook by Helping Hands Press.

Patti doesn’t hide her past, but she doesn’t write to shock readers. There’s no profanity or salacious tales. Patti takes responsibility for her choices and tells clearly how she has received mercy and forgiveness with healing of body and soul. The mercy and love of God are the foundation of her story for without that she would be just another selfish, willful woman choosing dangerous behaviors.