Rescued Hearts, Natalie Replogle, author

Rescued Hearts, Natalie Replogle, author. Rescued Heart is the first novel in a series. Opening with a shocking experience for a young bride — the groom backs out — this story has a definite Christian theme.

Main characters from that moment forward are kindergarten teacher (bride), Ava and Swat team leader, Matt. Their seemingly casual meeting as part of a careers experience for Ava’s class leads to an up and down season as they dodge their future while dealing with past pain from other relationships.  The guy who backed out lived to regret his choice, but by that time, too late…a nice touch.

Pleasure reading with no smut. The plot is gentle, not extremely profound (which can be tiring anyway). I read this book on my Kindle Fire through the Kindle Unlimited program. If you are looking for a tender hearted read with decent writing, both in quality and moral values, I recommend that you give this book a few hours of your time. Natalie Replogle has added more stories to the series over the past few years.  I’m not sorry that I read it.