Frozen Footprints, Therese Heckenkamp, author

Frozen Footprints, Christian Suspense FictionThe writing is not over-whelming, but there are some twists that keep a reader hooked all the through to the end.

We see the results of grudges which invade the holder’s mind and life to the point of insanity. With appropriate adrenaline stimulating suspense, the characters move through kidnapping, torture and finally into escape and survival.

Eighteen year old twins, Charlene and Max, are the victims of a plot meant to hurt their grandfather who sort of deserves to be hurt, but not at the expense of these two young people. The book is listed as Christian Suspense and I think this fits. The characters are non-practicing Catholics. There is a reasonable description of Catholic practice without proselyting the reader into any particular doctrine. Their faith is definitely nurtured by their drive to survive.

As a Christian pleasure read, know that there is violence (Kidnapping and torture should have tipped you off). The twins are not weak and will exert violence on their own part in their efforts to escape their captor. As with the violence, there is some profanity — again, we can’t expect a crazed kidnapper with destruction as his goal to speak genteel terminology.  The profanity is in keeping with the flow of the story, is not glorified, but is appropriate. That is my opinion — at this blog, the one that really counts.

I enjoy reading almost everything and found this book ranking high on my list. The style is not heavy, the action moves fast, so you aren’t caught in a reading trap for days or hours of reading time. While there is painful suspense — and a knowledge that no matter what the outcome, these two are ‘marked’ for the rest of their lives by their kidnapping experience, readers will find a solid moral plot line. There is a hint of romantic relationship, but that is just one of the little twists of this particular story. Get ready for another surprise.
I did get a grin out of the interesting relationship with their step=mother…not one of the bad guys.


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