Southern Gentleman, Yvonne Lehman, author

Cardinal Bluff - Southern Gentleman, Yvonne Lehman, author  Yvonne Lehman has written a predictable pleasure read that won’t do readers a lot of damage.  With a casual Christian foundation, this easy-to-read romance includes some interesting descriptions of architecture and geographical situations.
The angst is gentle and the drama low-key. Major characters are already dead when the story begins, reducing the dialog. Because of two of these fatalities, there is a child left dependent upon an aunt and uncle from each side of the family. A deathbed wish seems to hope they will end up together. F
For this story, all of the characters are redeemed, leaving no self-centered flotsam on the horizon.
Syrupy, flinch-free and a good choice for that reading time when you need something before your eyes.