Thunder Clouds of War — Calm Before The Storm — Coming August 2020

Calm Before the Storm - Janice L. Dick, author

Thunder Clouds of War

Dark clouds and storms of war and unrest are bringing dark clouds to the Crimea.

Germans who’ve been brought to Russia generations ago are not welcomed by Russians.  The throes of World War I and revolution have the German Mennonite people at the center of a target.

Katarina Hildebrandt and her family find their sweet tranquility crumbling. Their faith is tested day by day.  Johann Suderman, tutor for the younger Hildebrandt children finds himself questioning faith in general.  The answers he receives now must stand with him as the war becomes reality, even for non-combatant Mennonites.

Graphic for Calm Before the Storm, Janice L. Dick author. Faith based historical fiction

And Paul Gregorovich Tekanin, working for the revolution in St. Petersburg, finds it will demand his soul as well as his wit and strength.  The Russian, Paul and the German, Johann were unusual friends before the storm.

Where will this young man who claims to be of no faith find a port in the storm?

How will these three and the ones they love find faith to weather the coming storm?

Author Among The Best

Janice L. Dick has written another inspiring novel featuring a tumultuous time in history. Calm Before the Storm can be pre-ordered at Amazon until release date on August 15, 2020.

Faith based historical fiction. Calm Before the Storm, Janice L. Dick, author

Writing as part of the Mosaic Collection, Janice L. Dick has plans for a series following this flagship novel. Her own family history formed a base for the historical fiction novel that will bring pleasure to readers very soon. She released another novel with the Mosaic Collection in 2020 — The Road to Happenstance. 

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