Big Powerful Hugs — Wonderful Use for Extra Long Wings!

Children's book, Bird Hugs, Ged Adamson author

Big, powerful hugs — we all have wings (arms) that will deliver them! Make your world happier and healthier with hugs!

Bernard the bird has impossibly long wings!  No matter how much he tries, he can’t get into the air with these long wings. What are they good for? 

As a baby, Bernard and the other little birds didn’t notice much difference. Then the others began to fly while Bernard was left trying to catch some air! Then they began flying away!

One friend tries to set him as a feathered slingshot. That didn’t work at ALL!

Bird Hugs - children's story about a bird with long wings.

Bernard went through changing seasons without a clue about the value of his very long wings. He was pretty bummed as he stood on the lonely branch he had chosen for a hiding and pouting place.

When he meets a lonely Orangutan in need of a hug, Bernard finds the first thing his wings are good for!  And with a little help from his friends, they can be used to fly!

A great little story

Hugs for all from a loving little bird

I liked this little book, aimed at the 2 yr to 7 yr reading crowd!  I bought it first on my Kindle.  Then, I ordered a hardcover version for a special boy’s 5th birthday!

I know that he and his sister understand the power of hugs! They are super generous with their ‘hug therapy’ with Big Powerful Hugs.

While sometimes we may want to be ‘touch-me-nots’, there is data that tells us hugs are healthy for the hugged and the hugger! Have you had a hug today? Have you given a 20 second hug to someone?

Attractive and Inspirational Illustrations

The illustrations are gently pastel, but completely clear for children and those who read the book to children. Some readers were put off by the Kindle formatting, but it does work.

Bird Hugs fits the standards for clean, inspirational reading! Give it a try for yourself and your favorite little story lovers!

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